2010, design/ cms/ front-end

Maxwan architects + urbanists are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They are an international practice dedicated to contemporary architectural and urban design. Maxwan have made a name for themselves internationally with innovative proposals for the new town of Leidsche Rijn (75'000 residents and a hidden highway), the 10'800 houses Master Plan for Barking Riverside, the Master Plan A101 for a new city of 300 000 inhabitants on the fringes of Moscow, the master plan for 2000 houses in the Dnepr River Delta, Kiev Ukraine the urban design for the Waalhafen Zone in Rotterdam with its centre piece "Skill Bill" a new building typology reconnecting the harbour with the city and most recently the master plans for the Central Station areas in Rotterdam and Leiden, the third and fifth largest transport hubs in the Netherlands.


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